casaConsulate at Home (Post Mail)


Don't leave home to take care of the documents you need! 


You do not need to come to the Consulate or to a Consular Visit to take care of several documents – you only need to send to the Consulate's address (3298 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94115) by post mail:

1) a cover letter explaining the service you require and your contacts (email and cellphone number);

2) all documents required;

The United States is party to the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, therefore in order to be valid in Portugal, public USA documents must be certified with the Apostille of the Secretary of State of the State where the document is issued.

3) a self-addressed postmarked envelope (so we can mail the document(s) back to you);

4) check payable to "Portuguese Consulate" (for security reasons, do NOT send cash by mail).


Due to a high volume of service and reduced staff, the Consulate is unable to reply to questions on whether documents have been received or sent back. Always prefer registered mail if you would like to be sure we have received or sent back your documents.


Click on the service you require and, if you see the symbol above, you do not have to leave your home!